Wibicom is the first company to commercialize a photovoltaic/solar antenna with a unique design.

Our products ensure smart energy usage enabling long lifetimes.


Power the IoT with the Power of Light.

Powered by light, and equipped with highly efficient sensors, the WibiSmart product line is capable of providing access to a large range of sensor data, such as temperature, humidity, pressure, and acceleration.

It features small and sleek designs aimed at B2B or B2C markets. Data from sensors can also be sent through the Cloud for real-time monitoring and analytics.



WibiSmart products

The reinvented antenna.

A photovoltaic antenna that allows you to communicate efficiently and at the same time power your wireless device. The WibiSol is the technology behind Wibicom light energy harvesting products.






A flower that captures light and sends information.

Wibicom has developed together with the most prestigious European technology centers, organic photovoltaic (OPV) cells as a new photovoltaic antenna material for wireless communication applications.

The consortium in which Wibicom participated consisted of research institutes, technology centers, and companies which are internationally renowned: VTT (Finland), Fraunhofer (Germany), IMEC (Belgium), Imperial College of London (UK), Ikerlan (Spain), Corning (France), Onyx Solar (Spain), and Confidex (Finland).

The 9 partners have developed high-efficiency technology based on flexible, lightweight, arbitrary shape organic photovoltaic cells for industrial applications.


ArtESun OPV antenna


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  • Environmental Monitoring

    Monitor your environment for a precision weather station, and measure air quality, water contamination, or flow level.

  • Activity Monitoring (wearable)

    Light and small devices used as fitness apparel.

  • Positioning/Location tracking

    Asset, people, or animal tracking: an intelligent, wirelessly addressable system can be a dynamic means of providing information or facilitate inventory control.

  • Smart City

    Enhance urban well-being, traffic control, or adopt smart parking. Add connected beacons to send information to passersby.

  • Precision Farming

    Observe, assess and control agricultural practice and the environment. Monitor surface, soil and water levels, in the field or in greenhouses.

  • Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

    Infrastucture monitoring, Oil and Gas, Manufacturing industry, Transportation. Industrial analytics turns data from sensors into actionable insights.

  • Security

    Get alerted when there is an intrusion. Deploy on fences or at your premises.

  • Smart Building

    Enhance your quality of life and achieve significant energy savings.



Based on a patented technology, the WibiSol provides power to a battery-less or a battery rechargeable wireless system and takes part in the radio antenna design. It stores enough energy to be able to function perpetuously. It does not require any maintenance, as you don't need to regularly replace or recharge batteries in inconvenient places. It enables cost and energy savings and a compact design.


How it Works

A module that captures light and sends or receives signals.

The WibiSol combines both optical and radio-frequency antenna functions. the WibiSol transforms light into electricity via a photovoltaic module to power all active circuits in the system. It delivers, through its power management interface, electricity to the sensors and the radio transceiver. The excess energy is stored to ensure continuous operation of the wireless system when there is insufficient light. The radio circuit transmits or receives data via the WibiSol, which then acts as the radio antenna.

The WibiSol employs the right photovoltaic technology. It may use semiconductor technologies, such as cristalline silicon and gallium arsenide, thin films, organic, dye sensitised, or other state-of-the-art photovoltaic process.


WibiSol technology


A dual function device.

Conventional wireless systems employ a separate antenna and a photovoltaic module or battery source. Hence, the antenna is either placed inside the package or externally, far from the photovoltaic module as it becomes a source of interference for the antenna. Wibicom engineers the photovoltaic module in a way that it becomes an antenna, tuned at a specified frequency. The WibiSol eliminates an extra component in the system, achieving a higher integration.


Technical Benefits of the WibiSol:

  • Embedded photovoltaic/antenna module
  • No interference between photovoltaic module and the antenna
  • The antenna is exposed for best performance
  • Same performance as a standard antenna
  • May be stacked vertically
  • Save space and volume for your system
  • May be flexible and conformable to objects
  • May be designed into any size and shape
  • Has an integrated power management unit
  • May be implemented as an antenna array
  • Sleek design



Wibicom is open to working with system integrators looking for a deploy and forget solution, as well as any business with application needs within its range of expertise.





Wibicom is a high-tech company, headquartered in Montreal, Canada.

After years of research into wireless low power systems and energy harvesting schemes, Wibicom was created to fullfill the gap in the electronic industry.

We believe in a more sustainable planet.



Mina Danesh is the President and CEO. She has more than 20 years of experience in the wireless industry. She holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering and an MBA. She is a Senior Member of the IEEE .

Joining the team are software developers, motivated to pave their mark into the era of the IoT.






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We are located in the area of Montreal, Canada